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Goodby to 2014


I know its a little late, but I wanted to share my last thoughts around my livelihood from 2014. It feels very important to create some context around what comes next. Life is Evolving.

What's on my Heart? First, and most important, I want express my deepest gratitude and joy that you all have brought me this year. My heart is so FULL that it aches with Joy. Each of you has blessed me in ways that cannot ever be measured.

" Change is coming to my life and my way of being in this world. I can feel it. I am being asked from deep within to sink ever deeper into Connection and Surrender! I am being asked to listen to what energizes me and what inspires true Happiness from within, and to let go of everything else. As I walk through this transformation, I will be happy to share my journey with anyone who wants to know. This, then is our Future." This awareness is growing, exploding, expanding within me and so strong that I cannot ignore it. My Body knows it, My Mind knows it, My Heart knows it. The only, haha, uncertainty is... I don't know the details of how this change will be wrought. Funny thing is, I am hearing these same sentiments from friends and colleagues all over the world. Suddenly, the old paradigm is no longer working, feels limited or simply done. Change, even positive change is the root cause of STRESS. We are being asked to step out of the comfort zone and into the breathtaking, heart palpitating, terror inducing, adventure of the journey into the UNKNOWN. So I begin with what I do know. I am being called to turn inward and PRACTICE the very thing that I teach... Self-Care, Self-Cultivation, Self-Deepening. It is time for a MINI Sabbatical. This will be time for my own rest, renewal and clarifying of my next direction. I do know that I must marshal my energies much more carefully. Beginning in 2015, my schedule and my focus will change. I will be teaching and facilitating only with folks who desire to make a deep commitment to their own inner growth. I am starting a Private Group of those who wish to do deep and continuing work. More info will be available as I understand the needs of the group. If you are interested in going deeper with yourself and doing serious work to change your life, please let me know if you wish to be considered for this group. I will only be taking a limited number of people in order to preserve the intimacy of the group and be able to give my time to each person.

So this is what I know at the end of 2014. This is what I feel at the eve of new beginnings. This is what I embrace as I enter the new year and step into 2015. May Blessings, Joy and Fulfillment be the touchstones of your life in this, marvelous year full of promise and possibilities. EnJoy,

~deb paradise~

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