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30 Days of Crystal Grid

Divine Relationship Healing

Welcome to this Healing Crytal Grid and Congratulations for giving yourself a gift of powerful healing energy.  Your participation not only gives you access to the crystaline energy, but also helps boost the energy through your focus and intention.  


Here's how it works!


Using my How of Tao "Atomic Boost Crystal Grid Cloth", I have intuitively chosen a variety of crystals to facilitate and boost the healing of relationships of all kinds.  I meditate with this grid and keep it activated with candles and incense.  I will continue this process for a period of 30 days.  After that, the I will deactivate the physical grid. At that time, the images will be made public and availabe on Pinterest for anyone who wishes to work with the grid energy, but names will not be included in the Healing Bowl.  


Simply adding your name during the event opens the flow of energy to you.  You may add your energy and intention by holding the image of it in your meditations, prayers and affirmations.   The more you interact with this process, the more access you will have to the energy. You may also add the names of loved one's, in particular those you are requesting healing with.  All names will be kept private.


Each Day:  

>  Focus on the Image of the Grid -- Meditate

>  Hold yourself and your loved ones in your Heart

>  Repeat the Affirmations provided here or one of

     your own inspiration

>  Make note or journal about your experiences

    during this time



5/30:  "As I Love myself, I Love others.  I Commit to Loving my Self,

           unconditionally.  Love is the way."  


5/25: "I am opening to Love, I am open to Be Loving, I am open to Be Loved.

          I AM BELOVED."


5/21: "In every thought, word and deed, I assume a loving intention between myself,

        my loved ones and the world.  I am the constant ouflowing expression of

        Compassion, Tenderness and Love."

Crystals Included in this Grid


>  Dolomite on Calcite (central stone)

    This Central stone facilitates Self Realization

     Relieves Sorrow and Depression

     Aligns & Balances Emotional Energy

     Encourages Compassion and Generosity

     Eases Tension and Conflict

     Balances Tension between individuals

     Clears Old Hurts, Fears and Stresses

>  Paired Boji Stones

>  Rhodochrosite

>  Chrysoprase

>  Amber

>  Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Lithium Quartz

>  Angelite

>  Amethyst

>  Pink Tourmaline, Black Tourmaline

>  Fluorite

Naming Bowl with Goddess of Mercy

Your name will be placed in this beautiful Quartz Crystal bowl.  Special crystals have been placed in the bowl with the names to boost and enhance the healing energy to each person.


Apophylite, Lightning Quartz, Rose Quartz Heart

Candles, Incense and Flowers are all offerings that support and expand the energy of Love.  During this month, these will be included.

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