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What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal Healing is the application of crystals and stones within a healing context. Crystals all carry frequencies and intelligence for multiple purposes. When you lay stones on a person it can help balance, stimulate or calm their energies. Within the crystals there are also specialized effects according to that particular stone. Crystal healers utilized the stones on an intuitive basis to achieve the highest energy harmonization that will support your healing. 

Deb has been working with stones and crystals since she was a child and went to her first "rock" show with her grandmother. She was in awe of all of the variety and beauty that she discovered that day. And she has been picking up stones and crystals since that day.

Deb often brings crystals to use in her meditation classes. She also offers private sessions utilizing crystals both on and off the body to facility the greatest outcome.

What is a Crystal Grid?  

We are creating a Crystal Grid anytime we are laying out crystals, stones and other signifigant talismans in a specific pattern.  These patterns may be related to Sacred Geometry or simply intuitively created.  Each stone occupies a specific spot in the pattern.  The pattern is decided either through some kind of pre-designed plan or "guided" layout.  











The positions of the crystals and stones are purposeful and facilitate the movement, expansion, extension and flow of the energy and properties of each stone.  Individual stones each have their own specific properties and when laid out in a grid, these properties are combined and complement each other.  Crystal Grids create a unifying effect and synergize the properties and qualities of each crystal into one overarching intention or purpose.


In addition to Crystals, you can include notes, photographs, prayers, flowers, candles, incense and any other symbol, totem or item that is significant to the creator and will enhance the energy and the purpose of the grid.


Grids are created for many reasons and can be for personal manifesting or the extension of an intent or healing to someone else.  Grids can also be created to Bless and stimulate events, businesses and other specific needs, much like FengShui.  


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