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What is a Crystal Grid?  

We are creating a Crystal Grid anytime we are laying out crystals, stones and other signifigant talismans in a specific pattern.  These patterns may be related to Sacred Geometry or simply intuitively created.  Each stone occupies a specific spot in the pattern.  The pattern is decided either through some kind of pre-designed plan or "guided" layout.  









The positions of the crystals and stones are purposeful and facilitate the movement, expansion, extension and flow of the energy and properties of each stone.  Individual stones each have their own specific properties and when laid out in a grid, these properties are combined and complement each other.  Crystal Grids create a unifying effect and synergize the properties and qualities of each crystal into one overarching intention or purpose.


In addition to Crystals, you can include notes, photographs, prayers, flowers, candles, incense and any other symbol, totem or item that is significant to the creator and will enhance the energy and the purpose of the grid.


Grids are created for many reasons and can be for personal manifesting or the extension of an intent or healing to someone else.  Grids can also be created to Bless and stimulate events, businesses and other specific needs, much like FengShui.  


Deb often creates Grids on the Atomic Boost Crystal Grid Cloth for individuals, businesses and events.  Please contact her for information on how to arrange for a Crystal Grid for your needs.

Atomic Boost Crystal Grid Events




Deb offers monthly Grid Healing Events with a specific Intent or Purpose.  

You are welcome to join these events, where you can enter your name into

her wonderful healing crystal bowl.  You will be given a link to a Private

Event Page where you can access photos of the Crystal Grid, Affirmations

and Messages from the crystals.  



Atomic Boost Crystal Grid Cloth 

and the

54 piece Crystal Fundamentals Kit


Deb Paradise created the Atomic Boost Grid Cloth after being awakened with a channeled message from Spirit.  Its symbol is based in Sacred Geometry and carries a wonderful healing energy that will enhance and activate the energies of Crystals, Energy Healing work, Intuition.  Along with the Grid Cloth, Deb has gathered together several basic "kits" of crystals to help even the novice get started working with the loving, grounded energy of the Earth.




These cloths are so wonderful. 

They are printed on locally sourced, high quality canvas.
The grid itself is 12" x 12" and there is a generous amount of cloth, 

  (about 3") around the grid to add extra crystals, candles, notes,

  and other special items.





Purchase with the Atomic Boost Fundamental Crystal Kits for package savings!

Each cloth comes with the story of how this design manifested for me, its purpose and instructions for how to activate its special energetic properties.


When you purchase and use your Atomic Boost Grid Cloth, you join a community of folks that are creating grids and expanding their energy efforts for Self Transformation and Global Healing.  Send your photos  of your grids and the your healing intentions and get posted on the page at Pinterest!



Helpful Links




>Atomic Boost Grid Cloth


>54 Piece Crystals Fundamentals Kit


>Atomic Boost Combo Package


>Fundamental Crystal Kits


>Gemstone Prayer Beads and Energy Bracelets



Crystal Gridding on Pinterest

Set up a grid on the Atomic Boost Grid Cloth and I will pin it to the Pinterest Page!



Deb offers monthly Crystal Grid Healing Events.  

These events are free of charge and all are welcome to join the energy.  

If you feel inspired to offer an Energy Exchange, it will be gratefully received.



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