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7 Days of Atomic Boost Crystal Grid

Prosperity Manifestation

Welcome to this Healing Crytal Grid and Congratulations for giving yourself a gift of powerful healing energy.  Your participation not only gives you access to the crystaline energy, but also helps boost the energy through your focus and intention.  


Here's how it works!


Using my How of Tao "Atomic Boost Crystal Grid Cloth", I have intuitively chosen a variety of crystals to facilitate and boost the energy.  I meditate with this grid and keep it activated with candles and incense.  I will continue this process every day during the event.  After that, the I will deactivate the physical grid. At that time, the images will be made public and availabe on Pinterest for anyone who wishes to work with the grid energy, but names will not be included in the Healing Bowl.  


Simply adding your name during the event opens the flow of energy to you.  You may add your energy and intention by holding the image of it in your meditations, prayers and affirmations.   The more you interact with this process, the more access you will have to the energy. You may also add the names of loved one's, in particular those you are requesting healing for or with.  All names will be kept private.


Each Day:  Join the group energy @10pm cst

>  Focus on the Image of the Grid -- Meditate

>  Hold yourself and your loved ones in your Heart

>  Repeat the Affirmations provided here or one of

     your own inspiration

>  Make note or journal about your experiences

    during this time

Naming Bowl with Labradorite & Carnelian

Your name will be placed in this beautiful Quartz Crystal bowl.  Special crystals have been placed in the bowl with the names to boost and enhance the healing energy to each person.


Lithium Quartz, Lightning Quartz, Green Agate Slice (gift)

AFFIRMATIONS  Begin with the current Affirmation.  Check back for new affirmations, as the Crystals give them to me.


6/18:  My Abundant Life is a Birthright.

         I awaken to the Realization of My Divine Prosperity.

6/19:  I gratefully accept Gifts that are given to me.  I Say YES to Receiving.

6/20: I am open to the Flow. As I receive freely, I give with a generous Heart.

6/21:  I easily experience the Energy of Abundant Love, Joy, Plenitude and                    Magnificence flowing through me at the cellular and atomic levels of my            being.  


6/24:  A Final Message:  "A circle has no beginning and no end.  So, too, the Energies of prosperity, Abundance, Opulence, Plenitude -- whatever name you

use to describe your experience as a Human Being.  You live in a constant and continuous expression of breath, of physicality, of feeling, of awakening, spirituality, experience and growth.  Remember the circle -- in the circle you are never lost, you are always in the flow, no beginning, never ending, always renewing. The very fact of You is an astounding affirmation of this Truth.  Your Abundant Life is a Birthright.  Live it, love it... all of it.  


We bless you from the purest source... and so it is."

Helpful Links


To Purchase 


>Atomic Boost Grid Cloth


>54 Piece Crystals Fundamentals Kit


>Combo Package


>Fundamental Abundance Crystal Kit


>Gemstone Prayer Beads and Energy Bracelets



To Socialize

Crystal Gridding on Pinterest

Set up a grid on the Atomic Boost Grid Cloth and I will pin it to the Pinterest Page!


To Donate

Deb offers monthly Crystal Grid Healing Events.  These events are free of charge and all are welcome to join the energy.  

If you feel inspired to offer an Energy Exchange, it will be gratefully received.


Energy Exchange

(This service is free, however, all donations are gratefully received.)



Please offer a brief acount of your experience with This Crystal Grid Event. Thanks!





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Crystals Included in this Grid

>  Green Calcite (central stone)

    This Central stone facilitates Compassionate Heart Perspectives

     Realize Divine Love

     Aligns & Balances Emotional Energy

     Release and Disolve Old Patterns

     Heart Chakra Healer

     Prosperity, Abundance and Manifesting

     Eases excessive worry and anxiety

>  Moss Agate

>  Bloodstone

>  Chrysoprase

>  Citrine

>  Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Rutilated Quartz

>  Green Aventurine

>  Amethyst

>  Black Tourmaline

>  Amazonite



Try adding some "alive energy" such as cut flowers or a plant or a picture of nature to your grid table.  This will enliven the grid even more and encourage your Abundance to take Life.


> Accept every Gift that is given,

even if it isn't something you want.


> Receive it by using it, honoring it,

re-gifting it or in some way taking

it in to your energy field.  


> Release resistance of mistrust, unworthiness and unloveability.  


> Realize that gifts received are a symbol of the Gift that you are.  

Candles, Incense and Flowers are all offerings that support and expand the energy of Love.  During this month, these will be included.

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