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7 Days of Health & Healing

on the Atomic Boost Crystal Grid Cloth

AFFIRMATIONS:  Begin with the current Affirmation.  Check back for new affirmations, as the Crystals give them to me.


BONUS: In Healing I find my Wholeness, When I am at One with Myself I am Whole.  9/23:  I forgive myself for moments of weakness and dis-ease.  I walk with myself through this journey towards ease and Strength.

9/22:  Unconditional Health is a my choice.  I see myself in my Picture of Health today and every day.

9/21:  Willingness to change your mind and focus is paramount.  I am WILLING to embrace the Wholeness of myself.

9/20:  My Breath is Life and with every breath I take I affirm my Life.

9/19:  Health is a state of mind as much as a physical state. I create an alliance within my Body, Mind and Spirit as I accept and love myself unconditionally.

9/18:  My Body and my Being are Divine in Origin and Divine in Nature.  I Honor my experience of Being Human and living in a Human Body.

9/17:  In Beauty, I Cultivate Health.   In Health, I Radiate Beauty.  I Am Beautiful.



>  Amethyst Cluster with Fluorite (rainbow), Lepidolite, Green Aventurine Heart, Pietersite, Green Calcite & Apophilite holds the center of this powerful grid for Health and Healing.

> Agate Chakra Stones  

> Clear Quartz Tower, John of God Blessed Tower    and 2 Clear Quarts Pyramids hold the energy        for Clarity and Faith in Divine Health

> Clear Quartz points and tumbles,  Rutilated , Lithium ,  Rose , Smokey Quartz 

> Bloodstone

>  Amber

>  Angelite

>  Amazonite

>  Moss Agate

>  Chrysocolla

>  Aventurine

>  Citrine

>  Black Tourmaline

>  Fluorite

>  Rhodochrosite

>  Pink Chalcedony

>  Prehnite w/ Epidote

>  Lapis Lazuli

> Malachite

> Larimar Sphere

Naming Bowl with Carnelian, Lepidolite sits under the Jade Plant which is bringing alive energy -- the LIFE FORCE.

Your name will be placed in this beautiful Quartz Crystal bowl.  Special crystals have been placed in the bowl with the names to boost and enhance the healing energy to each person.

Click on the Images for helpful information!



>Visualize your body as layers upon layer of energy, color and movement.  Relax as you gaze upon this vision and notice if anything seems out of place or out of harmony.  Staying calm and relaxed, bring your focus to this place and gently extend love and acceptance.  Try to feel the flow of energy from you to this place and let it be.


> You are asked to imagine your own Heart as a cozy, snug, safe harbor.  Create for yourself, that which you would offer the ones you love most.  Recognize the distance you have created from your own heart while trying to avoid the difficult things.  Bring your focus, instead to the Agonizing Beauty to be found within.


> We are advised to create an oasis in the daily routine.  Take a cup of tea... (Chrysanthemum is suggested).  Savor its essence, its warmth and its aroma.  Allow the tension to flow away and awareness to arrive.  In the space  of time of a cup of tea, new undestanding awaits.


> To find CLARITY, it is helpful to begin by asking a Clear Question. Often the process of formulating your question will lead you to Clarity.  So we discover that the confusion was in the question you were asking, rather than than the answer.


>Begin this journey by getting as clear as possible on your own individual Intention.  As youbegin, sit and allow yourself to gaze upon the image of the Crystal Grid, keeping your personal intention in mind.  Continue to gaze, allowing your eyes to become softer, heavier and less focused, until your eyese close on their own.  Let yourself meditate then for as long as you are comfortable.  When you come out of your meditation, silently send your intention, one more time, into the Crystal Grid.  


> Record unusual or stray thoughts, insights and ideas, even if they seem unrelated to your concerns.  Don't try to figure them out, just write them down.

Welcome to this Healing Crytal Grid and Congratulations for giving yourself a gift of powerful healing energy.  Your participation not only gives you access to the crystaline energy, but also helps boost the energy through your focus and intention.  


Here's how it works!


Using my How of Tao "Atomic Boost Crystal Grid Cloth", I have intuitively chosen a variety of crystals to facilitate and boost the energy.  I meditate with this grid and keep it activated with candles and incense.  I continue this process every day during the event.  After that, I deactivate the physical grid. I will no longer be working with the energy, but the link will remain active and you can continue to work with it as long as you like.


Simply adding your name during the event opens the flow of energy to you.  You may add your energy and intention by holding the image of it in your meditations, prayers and affirmations.   The more you interact with this process, the more access you will have to the energy. You may also add the names of loved one's, in particular those you are requesting healing for or with.  All names will be kept private.


Each Day:  Join the group energy @10pm cst

>  Focus on the Image of the Grid -- Meditate

>  Hold yourself and your loved ones in your             Heart

>  Repeat the Affirmations provided here or of

     your own inspiration

>  Make notes or journal about your experiences

    during this time

>  Send drawings, notes or other inspirations to         me and I will try to include them on this grid or     publish on Pinterest.  

The Intention on this Grid is for Health and Healing

in Body Mind & Spirit and creating Healing for all.

The Angels Speak

I asked the Angels for a message to begin the grid.  On the subject of Health and Healing, the Angels replied with Angel and card for "Beauty".  

"Angel Blessing" deck by Kimberly Marooney  

~In Beauty I Cultivate Health. 

   ~~In Health I Radiate Beauty.

         ~~~I Am Beautiful.


Angel Cards for each night~

9/17:  Beauty

9/18:  Prosperity

9/19:  Protection

9/20:  Truth

9/21:  Relationship

9/22:  Thought

9/23:  LOVE

Bonus:  VISION


The Picture at the head of the grid is a Mosaic by my friend Simant Herkins.  This mosaic represents Metatron's Cube and adds blessings and a boost of Angelic Energy to the Intentions that have been placed under the symbol.  I will also be adding the names of each person behind this symbol. 

Candles, Incense and Flowers are all offerings that support and expand the energy of Love.  You can assist the connection during this Event, by intentionally bringing these into your Sacred Space and while you Meditate with the Crystal Grid.  

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Helpful Links



Donate an Energy Exchange -- Deb offers monthly Radio Programs with Teachings, Healings and Great Guests.  She also offers monthly Atomic Boost Crystal Grid Healing Events.  These events are free of charge and all are welcome to join the energy.

If you feel inspired to offer an Energy Exchange, it will be gratefully received.


To Socialize:

Crystal Gridding on Pinterest

Set up a grid on the Atomic Boost Grid Cloth and send me a photo of it along with info about your Intention for your grid.

I will pin it to the Pinterest Page!



Please offer a brief acount of your experience. Thanks!


To Purchase: 


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>Fundamental Heart Opening Crystals Kit


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