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Deb Paradise


The Tattood Buddhist


​​ Lighthearted Advice for living a

Spiritual life

The Tattood Buddhist is in... may I EnLighten your day?


Who is the Tattood Buddhist?


A few years ago, I began to want to lighten up and find a way out of the jungle. This has revealed to me a most profound lesson… the jungle is always waiting to take over, but if you laugh in it’s face, it will stand back and let you pass freely. So, Tattood Buddhist was born. 


She is a free wheeling, oh so slightly irreverent version of my very serious, Spiritual Self. I belive she will become enlightened long before I do. She exists to help us all learn to laugh, cry and keep going in the face of all of our very personal challenges.


I hope She helps, I hope She makes you laugh, but mostly I hope she helps you remember that...


                  EnJOY! Deb Paradise

TB says “you can’t stomp around in mud puddles without getting some mud stuck on your boots!”

The Tattood Buddhist is in...
How may I EnLighten your Day?


Here is a place for you to ask questions and get advice about life, the issues and challenges you face and even things you were just wondering about.


The Tattood Buddhist will answer your questions with quirky, fun, sometimes tongue in cheek, always heartfelt, lighthearted advice, thoughts and ideas.



Anyone can Ask a Question and Tattood Buddhist will be so happy to answer.



Submit your question to my Advice Column, and your question will be edited, given a cute name and published with your answer. (Your identity is always private.) (There is no charge for this service.)



Or Have a Personal Consultation with Tattood Buddhist as she offers intuitive insights and thoughts to assist you in creating your Best Life that you Dream. She offers 1/2 hour & 1 hour conversations by phone or web.​ (Charges apply.






Advice is offered in the spirit of service and fun. If you are in crisis, seek professional, medical or psychological care.

Deb offers many events that are free of charge and all are welcome to join the energy.

If you feel inspired to offer an Energy Exchange, it will be gratefully received.

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