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Creativity to Transcendence

Reveal, Embrace,
Love, Release, Rage,
Clear, Rejoice, Ache,  Hate, Grieve, Cry, Bond, Detach,


>The power of Creative Process to heal and transform your life is limitless!


>Painting from the gut flings open the locked doors that populate your dreams, revealing the treasure rooms hidden deep within your being.


>Painting is the Medium for your journey. But this is not a painting class.


>You do not have to know how to paint.


>All you need is the urge to express.


>You will not learn to paint pretty pictures.


>You are going to learn to paint your

guts out.


>You will recover your own deepest creative expression.


>You will give birth to the Art of You.

RenDu Painting is "Process" not "Product" oriented. Express hidden feelings; Drop inhibitions; Unlock your own hidden inspiration and talents. No technique, rules or how to paint -- re-learn the joy of spontaneous expression in safety and acceptance. Create without critique.  Let go of safety that comes from rules. Create instead in safety founded in your own Authenticity.  Release judgement and feel the relief that results. Discover what is blocking you, face intoyour own shadow, and break free into your most expansive life.


Paint as if your Life Depended on it! 

The Magic is in the Process, the Painting is an expression of Self.

"Here it is! I felt very positive, inspired, and strengthened while painting this!"                             Nancy R., 2/24/13


"RenDu is painting from your gut -- no props, no life standing still -- just your life, expressed authentically!"                                                                                                                                                            Deb P. 10/14/13


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