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Tattood Buddhist responds to Passing Premonitions

Dear Tattood Buddhist:

I had a really odd experience last night and I've been thinking about you all day. I have this client. She's a regular, like every two weeks on the dot. She has chronic pain issues with her left arm as she was involved in a very tragic accident. Her left arm was almost completely torn off and her husband lost his life.

The docs fixed her up, but she has a great deal of chronic pain. She has been coming to see me for bodywork for a couple of years now. She's healthy, somewhere in her mid 50's and she works a pretty high stress job.

Last night as I was working on her, I noticed her right arm drift up and over the top of the table near the face cradle. And this is where it got strange for me… I looked down at her and "saw" both her arms up and over the top of the table next to the face cradle. And in my mind I heard myself saying, "That is so nice, she'll be able to do that when she's in heaven."

I was so shocked, that it stunned me to tears. Thank goodness she was face down. I am wondering if it was a premonition. I've been pretty wide open lately with some personal challenges. My partner has had some difficult health problems and I am not working as much lately. So I feel lots of stress. But I also have lots of down time (for me), if that makes any sense. I've never had anything like this before, and I'm a little freaked about it. I did not say anything to my client. But it's lingering and I'm wondering what to do with it. And then I thought about you because you seem familiar with these types of things. Do you have any thoughts or advice for me? Thanks, Tattood Buddhist!

Dear Passing Premonitions:

Tattood Buddhist is having a Vision of an answer for you!

Many of us who work in the Healing Arts have “extra sensory” experiences. Some of us embrace this as part of what we do. For others it can be upsetting or even disturbing. Intuitive insights are subject to interpretation and most often are not literal in their revelation. Empathic contact can be confusing as to whether we are being guided or just picking up on another’s thoughts and emotions. The best thing a Healer can do is to strengthen her ability to be grounded, centered and calm.

Your client has deep trauma that has affected her psyche. When I “check in” with her, she has a lot of grief and other deep emotional scarring. When she is on your table, she relaxes and her pent up emotional content becomes active. Often, when we relax, our chakras open, we become vulnerable, and energy begins to process without natural filters and inhibitions. This is one of the reasons that bodywork can be so effective in supporting an emotional healing process.

So all of that being said, what about this Vision of yours? I hear so much compassion and caring for your client. It is clear that you have hopes for your client’s healing and concerns for her continued physical challenges as well. You also mention that your own partner is going through some serious physical challenges which is both stressful and can bring up issues of your own. All of this is a perfect recipe for being receptive to inner messaging. So was this a premonition, a vision or a message? There is really no way to know exactly. It could be her process that you tapped into, or it could be a projection of your own current emotional content. I would advise caution about interpretation and taking it too literally.

The purpose of a premonition is rarely to change the future. It is really to help you prepare for the future. So, even if this was predictive of her passing, your work is to spend every moment with her with as much presence and compassion as you can muster. Celebrate her journey. My advice is to NOT share it with your client and instead let it inform your work with her with more compassion and a beautiful vision to hold for her healing – that she may be able to have ease and movement in her injured arm.

What is the gift of this vision for you? List every symbol you can remember -- Heaven, Arms over head, arm drifting, etc. The fact that it moved you to tears -- journal and ask yourself, what exactly was it in you that was moved? There is some rich content here that is very personal to you.

Tattood Buddhist says don’t go looking for visions and don’t resist them either! Stay neutral and maybe we will meet somewhere in a Vision far, far away!

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