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"Seeing Things" is wondering about Psychic Abilities!

“Seeing Things” writes...

Dear Tattood Buddhist:

Hi I have a question. Ok, maybe more than one. What is the term for when someone can see "demons" in people - or can actually see the darkness in them? And then also, are psychic abilities sub-categorized into types? The other day I was visiting family and one of the uncle’s (who is a paranoid schizophrenic) was also there. He has never frightened me before, but yesterday, he did. At first he seemed fine and relatively “normal”. Suddenly, at one point, his eyes changed, then his face changed into a completely different one. It happened so fast and was so unexpected, that it scared me -- so much so that I started backing away. Then, he just went back to his normal self again. No one else noticed anything. But I know that he knows I saw him, and even after he seemed normal again, he was very cautious of me. He stopped talking to me, and I felt like he was watching me very carefully for the rest of the visit. It was really, really weird. Let me clarify - I didn't actually "back away". I practiced the "it's nothing to be scared of" technique that you gave me, before, but greatly felt like I needed to get away from him.

Also, how does one know when it is time to pursue and develop such gifts/talents? Can you help me see clearly, Tattood Buddhist?

Tattood Buddhist is visualizing an answer for you right now!

Dear “Seeing Things”... Oh, my dear… you ask the best questions! Since I do know you, I feel that I can read between the lines a little and help you see things with 20/20 vision! Hmmm… what to call you, what to call you??? Do you want to be called a “Sensitive”; “Psychic”; “Psychic Medium”; “Intuitive”; “Empath”? There are plenty of categories and subcategories that you might adopt to identify yourself. However, labeling yourself can be limiting and might feel like putting on a dress that doesn’t quite fit right. Pick something that feels comfortable for you and go with that. Or don’t label it for now and just see what develops!

It is thought that individuals with certain types of mental and brain illnesses are more open to be visited, inhabited or preyed upon by darker energies, lost souls and entities seeking access to this world. Paranoid Schizophrenia is one of those illnesses where we see this happening sometimes. However, if properly medicated and stable, this less likely to be an issue. It seems that you did see “something”, but hard to say whether it is his own darkness, his Shadow Self or some form of entity or least likely a “demon”? I cannot address that here. I can say that the “break” or “crack” that is the illness, often gives those individuals strong psychic abilities as well.

That is not to say that everyone with a Gift has a “break” or “crack”. You have been dealing with facing your Gift for quite some time. It seems that when you are relaxed or distracted or emotional, you are more “open” to “see” or have interaction with beings on the other side. If you were “open” at that moment, it is quite reasonable to think that the uncle recognized this, yet did not know what to do with it. Remember “paranoid” is part of his illness. So you probably frightened him as much as he scared you. And as soon as this dark part of him realized you saw him, it skedaddled! Here is something to remember as you face your natural resistance to your abilities. Lightness dispels the dark, my sweet friend, and you have a boatload of light to bring to the party! I think you did the right thing by backing away energetically. Until you feel strong enough to stand without flinching, it is best to use your tools protect yourself. Believe it or not, there will come a time when you have enough strength to stand and not flinch, even a little!

Every Gift comes with challenges, blessings and purpose. Perhaps in the future, you will know better how to help when you see something. When is the time to pursue and develop your gifts? Anytime, right now, or whenever the opportunity presents itself, you are naturally stepping into the next level. Your work is to keep developing yourself Spiritually, cultivating your Center and building your Connection to yourself and what is above you. Facing your resistance and offering willingness to the Gift is your path to development. But remember that as you develop, your sight will become much more than 20/20!

Tattood Buddhist sees that you are shining so bright, she’s gotta wear shades! Perhaps we should go shopping for some Psychic stylin’ Sunglasses together!


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