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Tattood Buddhist "The more you invest, the greater your return."

Lately, I have been offering a series of FREE 7-Day Crystal Grid Healing events. These are centered around my Atomic Boost Crystal Grid Cloth and offer an opportunity to enter you name onto the grid and receive energy from the grid (and me) for 7 days. I create a unique "EVENT PAGE" for each healing grid. When you sign up, you receive a link to that page. (see Event Page for SELF LOVE)

For many, this is the end of their involvement. They sign up and receive. And that is perfectly ok.

Crysal Grid for Healing Relationships Naming Bowl 3 May 2014.jpg

A Crystal Grid is simply a group of crystals that are laid out in a pattern in order to amplify the energy and effectiveness of the crystal resonances. Together they create a specific energy and with an Intention set for the grid, they are programmed to send energy to support the specific healing intent. The energy, like all distance healing, goes out and you are not required to be present to receive it. The Grid boosts that energy and strengths its effects. Photos of the grids serve as a way to focus and open to the energy and many say they feel the resonance coming off of the pictures.

There is so much more that can be done through the tool of the Event Page. There are pics of the grids, affirmations (added daily), Channeled messages, Tips, information. Every one is unique and specific to that grid. I activate the grid at 10pm on the start of the event and every evening, I meditate with the grid and you are invited to join in during that 10pm cst to 10:30 time. If you open the page, you can focus on the photo of the grid or use an affirmation while you are meditating. There is an opportunity every day of the event to access the healing energy of the grid and work with it.

I have been wondering how much folks were actually working with the grid beyond signing up. This month, I received so much feedback about how positively the grids are affecting them. Folks are emailing me about their Atomic Boost dreams and strange coincidences that are happening during and just after the grid events.

And then I received this response from one of my students about the Self Love Grid. She has done RenDu painting and Guided movement as well as working with the grids. She sent me these images of her daily meditation with the grid for Self Love. Each day she took the daily affirmation and let her creativity flow! She included her journal entries for each drawing, which I will not be showing, but the total package was amazing and powerful. She talked about how perfect the timing was in her week and the occurrences that were perfectly aligned to that day's work. Thanks to CS for sharing her very powerful and personal experience with the 7 Day Atomic Boost Healing Grid for Self Love (August, 2014)

Atomic Boost Crystal Grid by CA from the Self Love Grid 1.jpg
Atomic Boost Crystal Grid by CA from the Self Love Grid 2.jpg
Atomic Boost Crystal Grid by CA from the Self Love Grid 3.jpg

Yes, you can just sign up, and let it go at that, but when you give the time and effort to yourself to really take advantage of these healing moments, you get back so much more. Consider what you can do to take full advantage of these healing events. The bonus every time you participate, it adds to the overall energy of the grid and everyone feels the BOOST!

If you want to purchase an Atomic Boost Crystal Grid Cloth and/or the Atomic Boost 54 Piece Crystal Fundamentals Kit link here: PURCHASE. The Events are free, however, I do gratefully accept Energy Exchange donations.

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