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Tattood Buddhist Responds to "Bad Mood/Bad Tood"

Here is an instant replay of a favorite letter from a couple of years ago! EnJoy!


What makes you feel better when you are in a bad mood?

Tattood Buddhist giggles this answer:

Hee Hee… sometimes I like to take myself out on an adventure. Yes, even Tattood Buddhist can wake up on the wrong side of the bed on occasion! And when I do, I try to get myself out of the funk before it turns into a bad attitude! So, maybe I go and take a walk. Or, since I am a visual artist, as well, I like to go on what I call a VISUAL FEAST. I love to look at things and places and people, so I go somewhere where my senses can be stimulated and awakened out of their funk!

But this might not be what you need to do, at all. I know how to get myself from funky to fabulous because I know myself so well. So the first thing you might try, is to ask yourself what feeds you? If you discover what feeds you, your senses, your psyche, your emotions, your creativity… then when that old black cloud decides to rain on your parade, you will have a list of options to choose from. Some friends I have like to clean their house, some like to work out. Of course, there are so many options, that you are the only one who knows you well enough to make your best choice. Whatever you choose, make sure that you congratulate yourself for at least making the effort.

One more thought… Sometimes, we just need to have a bad mood moment. Giving yourself PERMISSION to take some time to ruminate and grouse can be very cathartic. Just remember to grab hold of your hand and pull yourself out of it after giving yourself a reasonable amount of time. That way, you let that dark cloud rain on your garden of earthly delights. In the time it takes you to turn your mood around, you will see all kinds of lovely feelings sprouting in the breaking light!

Tattood Buddhist is keeping a weather eye out for the first hints of a smile on your face! Answering your question is making me feel better already. It is hard to stay in a bad mood while hanging upside down!

c/Deb Paradise 2012, all rights reserved.

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