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Tattood Buddhist Responds to "Running on Empty"

Running on Empty asks:

How do you keep people from stealing your energy? Lately it seems that whenever I spend time with my Partner, I can feel him "draining" me. Is this happening because of something I am doing, or because I am too open? I love him and want to spend time with him, but I am just too tired for fun! Help me Tattood Buddhist, I'm not sure what to do!

Tattood Buddhist is checking your Energy Tank:

Oh, My dear, it is time to Fill Up and shut the door to your Energy Reserves. The first step to closing that door is to shift your focus from those you feel are draining you back to focusing on yourself! You see, right now, you have set yourself up as their Victim and that leads to a feeling of helplessness or powerlesness... lots of "lessnesses" there! So bring your attention back to yourself immediately and declare yourself Large and IN Charge!

Most of the time when we are feeling "drained off" around others, it is about that old bugaboo, Boundaries. Ask yourself, where you are allowing boundaries to be crossed; are you giving too much; are you speaking up for yourself; are you being passive where you need to be active; are you saying yes where you really want to say no, or visa/versa? I will let you in on a little secret -- No one can drain your energy, unless you let them!

Couples are especially subject to this kind of energy swap. When we are connected intimately, we are connected energetically. This can lead to being the kind of drain off you are experiencing, or sometimes a sense of having your partner's energy working through you. It is extra important to establish your own conscious boundary.

Try this -- Intend "I am responsible for my own energy. I am holding my energy in my Center. I stand in support of you (your partner) to be responsible for your own energy and to hold your energy at your Center." Send this intention with gratitude and love and watch to see what shifts within you and then between you.

If it helps, visualize a filter, a window or a symbol that works for you that will create that energy boundary in your energy field. Whenever you begin to feel this draining sensation, put the filter in place, close the window or activate your symbol! This will keep your energy with you and send his energy back to him. Hee Hee, and it can be helpful when the bla bla bla's are at work and you just need to tune them out! Relationship harmony is within reach. Remember, good fences make for good neighbors!

Once your energy reserves are back to full, Tattood Buddhist will be ready for a double date!

c/Deb Paradise, 2014, All rights reserved.

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