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RenDu 6 Week Series

RenDu 6 Week Series

6 week Series
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    This class is "Process" not "Product" oriented. The focus is on accessing internal inspiration, learning to trust your own creative impulse and unblocking authentic expression. We focus on the PROCESS of painting rather than on the end product of a finished, perfect painting.

    This is a self-healing process, and often brings up hidden feelings and old trauma. It gently facilitates the painter to release and heal the unseen blocks to creativity, expression, inspirations and talents. It changes your paradigm about true creativity and how to access it from deep within. It is not a class where you learn technique, rules or how to paint. Instead learn about you and what wants to be discovered! Re-learn the joy of spontaneous expression. In this class we re-learn to create without critique. In this class we re-learn what it is to express in safety and acceptance.
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