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Crystal Grid Kits -- Fundamental Protection

Crystal Grid Kits -- Fundamental Protection

Crystal Grid Kit -- Fundamental Protection

4 Black Tourmaline Tumbles
4 Smokey Quartz Tumbles
1 Shiva Eye Agate Tumble
  • Details

    Crystal Fundamentals Kits are designed to provide an affordable way to build your crystal collection and have what you need for use in Grids.

    Black Tourmaline is an excellent Protection Stone, Smokey Quartz Blocks or removes Negativity, Powerful Shiva Eye Agate wards and protects from Evil, enhances and protects Psychic abilities.

    Total 9 pieces in this Kit.

    Selection of Crystals subject to availability and may be substituted with another type appropriate to the Kit purpose. Prices are subject to change with market fluctuations.
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