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The Wisdom to Manifest your Vision

Answer Starts

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Great Question!


Tattood  Buddhist delights in answering your Questions of Life!


Every day Life reveals how much we are alike.  By asking your question, you are opening the eyes and minds of others just like you.


Tattood Buddhist Advice Column

Meditation is the single best tool for

>   stress relief

​>   self cultivation

​>   deep healing

​>   anxiety management

​>   personal development

​>   spiritual exploration

​>   intuitive sensitivitiy

​>   relationship development

​>   career growth

>   for life

>   and so much more...


Anyone can Learn to Meditate.

Deb Paradise teaches classes and workshops and facilitates deep healing energy sessions.  Energy work, Crystals, Intuition

RenDu Creativity to Transcendence Painting Classes
noun 1. a form of painting that relies on intuition and pure expression.  2. process based painting that elicits deep healing.


verb 1. the act of painting from the gut to elicit profound self-realization.


No experience necessary to learn to paint from your gut!  Fling open the doors to your creativity and watch your  life take wing!

The Power of the Word.  What my clients are saying!

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