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"Rocks & Souls"
Life Conversations​ 2014 
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~Intuition is that guiding presence that reveals deep inner wisdom and profound truths about our lives. Following our intuitive direction is a skill that results in enhancing our health, our relationships, our creativity and our wealth. Everyone has the capacity to be intuitive, for our sense of inner knowing is always with us, even on those days when we fail to see it. Sometimes, we just need a safe place to nurture it. You will find that at the Wisdom & Intuition Network~

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LIVE Call-In Talk SHOW​ 
 Tattood Buddhist's 
 "Rocks & Souls"
    ~ Practical Advice for Living a Spiritual Life  
    ~ Healing on the Atomic Boost Crystal Grid
 December's Topic:
               "                  "
 December's Guest:


Nancy Cain Ramirez
  Drops of Wellness
  Essential Oils

Nancy and I will be talking about combing Crystals and Essential Oils.  She is going to tell us about the "Sacred Oils" or "Oils of the Bible"  and how the can enhance your crystal healing. 
Nancy is an amazing Massage Therapist and Essential Oil Practitioner.  I heard personally experiences her healing hands and her intuitive oil work and have been looking forward to talking with her about the synergies between Crystals and Essential Oils.  
Join us for this discussion and ask questions.  We will happily take your calls and and give you our best intuitive advice!

Of course, We will talk about the Atomic Boost Crystal Grid event that is this month, and offer suggestions for some crystals and essential oils you can use to boost your own Health & Healing every day.  

 On the 3rd Wednesday 

 November 19th

 @ 8:00pm (cst)
 Attend the Show:

                       by phone:  (425) 440-5100

                                                  (805) 367-3009

                               enter pin:           677086#

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Merry Christmas,

Happy Holidays.


Deb Paradise aka Tattood Buddhist will return with new

programs in 2015.


  Thanks for a Great Year!  

7 Day Atomic Boost Crystal Grid


"Giving Thanks"

November 19 - 25

 > Enter your name on the Grid for Healing.

 > Receive a link to the Event Page for  

 > Affirmations and Messages.

 > Free of Charge!





Are you taking life and spirituality too seriously?


The Tattood Buddhist advises you to EnLighten UP!  Laugh in the face of Fear and Simplify your approach to everything.

Deb Paradise IS The Tattood Buddhist.  She has been teaching meditation and assisting individuals

transform their lives for over 22 years. 


Drawing on her Higher Guidance and Intuitive Messages, she offers her unique suggestions for how

to meet the challenges of life on her new show.


Join us for Mini Readings and Coaching with the Tattood Buddhist. 

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Donate an Energy Exchange -- Deb offers monthly Radio Programs with Teachings, Healings and Great Guests.  She also offers monthly Atomic Boost Crystal Grid Healing Events.  These events are free of charge and all are welcome to join the energy.

If you feel inspired to offer an Energy Exchange, it will be gratefully received.


To Socialize:

Crystal Gridding on Pinterest

Set up a grid on the Atomic Boost Grid Cloth and send me a photo of it along with info about your Intention for your grid.

I will pin it to the Pinterest Page!



Please offer a brief acount of your experience. Thanks!


To Purchase: 

>Private Conversation & Sessions with Deb


>Atomic Boost Grid Cloth

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